Charlie’s Story

by Megan Errington

Megan Errington, second-year trainee, paints a picture of what life is like for one of the newest Christians on campus.

Charlie accidentally joined one of my small groups at the beginning of the year, tagging along with a friend after class. He stuck around and formed great friendships with the others in the group. Ancon was a big topic of conversation at small group as the semester drew to an end, and Charlie was convinced that it would be a great week to keep checking out the Bible and to hang out with his friends.

He certainly didn’t intend to become a Christian at Ancon! But after some the first few talks he decided to attend the discussion group specifically designed for people investigating Christianity. On the last day of Ancon he made the decision to entrust his life to Jesus and prayed with the leaders of the group. Charlie has plunged himself straight into Christian service, helping out during Your God mission and is once again part of a small group letting God’s word shape his new life.

One of the students leading Charlie’s EU Bible Study this semester said: “I first met Charlie at AnCon hearing him play his bagpipes. I was glad when I found out he was in my small group for second semester so that I could get to know him better. I was quite surprised to hear that he had only recently committed his life to Jesus because of his obvious thirst for understanding and applying God’s Word. We’ve only had a couple of small group studies but already his contributions reflect his sincere commitment as he learns how to live for the Lord. I can’t wait to see how God will work in his life!”


Charlie announces his conversion on facebook

Charlie announces his conversion on facebook


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