Changes, Growth and Challenges in the Vet Faculty

by James Gribble

Changes in the Vet Faculty

In 2013 the Veterinary Faculty was one of the smallest in the Evangelical Union. It had just two Bible Study groups, one first year group and one senior group; approximately 9 students were involved in total.

At the end of 2013 massive changes began to occur in the faculty. Three key students moved on to the next step in their clinical training and there was a change in faculty leadership (both the student leader and Howie (staff worker). Most significantly, the University began to restructure its Veterinary Medicine degrees.

The University is changing its Vet degree from an undergraduate to a graduate training program. Students will study basic sciences in an undergraduate science degree, then are admitted into a shorter graduate program – the ‘Doctor of Veterinary Medicine’ (DVM).


Growth in the Vet Faculty

The beginning of 2014 has brought strong (and unexpected!) growth to the Vet faculty. We now have 17 people involved in small groups, allowing for two first year small groups for the first time in a number of years.

This growth has been a blessing from God and has taught both the faculty leader and myself that we can never predict the plans that God has in store for us. Vet has almost doubled in numbers this year, not because of anything we can see we have done, and we need to be truly grateful to God for all that he is doing. So please join me in thanking Him for the growth we have seen.


Challenges that lie ahead

The academic changes have brought some extra challenges to the faculty, as the students now have to obtain a very high level of academic achievement to progress into the DVM. This has already started to prove a pastoral challenge, as students are very stressed and anxious about their assessment results. Please pray for the faculty as we continue working through the challenges of a changing degree, and for the students as they work hard. Please pray that in all things Christ would be glorified.

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