Building awareness of the LRLR

by Mel Tjong

Did you know that there are over 2,000,000,000 unreached people in the world?* In other words, thirty percent of the world population have never heard of Jesus because they have little or no access to the gospel. Does this strike you? If Jesus’ word is to be proclaimed to every tribe, nation and tongue (Rev 7.9, Matt 28.18-20), should we not gladly consider serving him in less reached and less resourced (LRLR) places?

One of the objects of the EU is to ensure that Christians in the University of Sydney are made aware of the nature, needs and challenges of Christian service at home and abroad.

This year at AnCon, EU students had a particular focus on understanding the needs and challenges in less reached and less resourced areas in Australia and beyond. We invited sixteen missionaries who are serving in various LRLR places across the globe to spend five days with us. They shared stories, challenges and joys of serving in an LRLR place. Their testimonies greatly impacted many students during AnCon. Jess, a third year social work student shared, “I was deeply challenged at AnCon through being reminded just how precious God’s Word is and the urgency of taking this to LRLR areas, and through realising that I don’t have to be a super Christian to do this”. Beatrice, a second year student who is currently training as an assistant small group leader said, “before AnCon I had never heard of LRLR. I knew about overseas mission but I never thought about places in Australia that may be less-reached or less-resourced. I have been challenged to seriously think about serving LRLR areas in rural NSW or around Australia in the future. I hope to serve at a less resourced church whilst also working as a social worker”.

The EU Graduates Fund continually presents staff and students with the enormous need in the world for the gospel to be proclaimed. We hope that God will raise up more workers for the harvest field. We thank God that Christian students in the EU are able to be trained and equipped in ministry skills for a lifetime of Christian service.

Please pray that God will flood his church with biblically, theologically mature and servant-hearted Christian leaders to LRLR areas of Sydney, Australia and beyond to proclaim the gospel of truth.

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