Biblically Mature Workers

by Alison Moffitt

“I’m glad to have thought through how to respond to ethical dilemmas before having to face them.”

The EU Grads Fund prays and works for students to be biblically and theologically mature, not just while they are at university, but also for years to come.

Many students mature in this way through the biblical training and supportive relationships of the EU. For some this support and training continues on after graduation, as people continue to encourage each other to stand firm as mature Christians in their fields and industries.

In 2010 Sam and Karen, both EU Pharmacy students, attended the AFES National Training Event and were challenged to take steps to keep their faith strong beyond university. They decided to gather their EU Pharmacy cohort to meet together as graduates. This group is still meeting regularly to share the struggles and challenges of being Christian pharmacists, and to consider ethical issues that come up in pharmacy.

Sam feels that this group has been important in developing ethical thinking among these pharmacists:

“Each community pharmacy is like a little microcosm, and if you are the only Christian in that shop it can feel very lonely and isolating. Having this supportive and encouraging group helps me to remember that there are brothers and sisters undergoing the same trials and facing the same temptations. It’s been important in keeping me on track for God at work. I’m glad to have thought through how to respond to ethical dilemmas before having to face them.”

These graduates meet every two or three months for dinner and a discussion about pharmacy practice, taking turns to prepare a discussion paper on an issue that impacts Christian pharmacists. Over the years they have reflected together on topics such as the morning after pill, legal aspects of pharmacy, abortion, euthanasia, mental health, ambition and pharmacy ownership and the relationship between physical and spiritual health.

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