AnCon23: The End

by EU GradsFund

It’s the final countdown. The End is here.

Yes, the EU’s Annual Conference (AnCon) this year is on the theme of ‘The End’ exploring the Christian doctrine of Eschatology (what does it mean to be living in the end times in the Christian Bible?), and we’re hoping with it will bring an abundant harvest of spiritual fruit that will last not only for the rest of these students lives, but for the life to come. 

It’s here: the booklets have been printed, the speakers are ready, the students have registered, and AnCon is shaping up to be an incredible week. There will be over 400 students, staff and LRLR missionaries-in-residence gathered together, singing God’s praises, joining in fellowship together and hearing from God’s word. 

These registration numbers are fewer than we’d have liked: the EU is still feeling the long-term impact of COVID-19 through the loss of generational knowledge of the value of AnCon, as well as economically-driven price increases (especially in lieu of the StayNSW vouchers from the government, that were available for the students to use last year to cover some of the cost of AnCon). Nonetheless, AnCon will still be a fantastic week for the many hundreds of students coming, and we pray an opportunity for concentrated spiritual growth. 

Our hope and prayer for AnCon this year is that our Heavenly Father would once again graciously use Annual Conference to bring about spiritual transformation.

Year-on-year, AnCon has historically proved to be a formative time for students to grow in their faith, hope and love in the Lord Jesus. Please join us in praying that this year God may continue that trend: that many students might deepen their personal faith and be emboldened to share that with others; enlarge their vision of what God is doing among all the nations of the world; and consider how they might serve Jesus with every aspect of their lives. 

The particular pointed edge of Eschatology we are looking at in Scripture is how the future should shape the decisions we make now. As you can imagine, the apologetic, pastoral and missional impacts of this topic are massive, as students will consider their own frameworks for how they make life decisions in such a formative time as when at university. Please pray boldly with us that God might bring revival to His people at Sydney University through this week of AnCon.

We would also love you to join us for our Annual Supporters Night at AnCon, on Wednesday 26th July from 7:30pm.

You can join us online (at or even up in Katoomba, at Katoomba Christian Convention Centre. Especially with the new site, it was such a deep, personal encouragement for the EU staff last year to see so many supporters brave the cold and a late evening (on a weeknight no less) to come and support us in person at AnCon. Thank you and we’d love for you to join us again. 

Warmly in His Service,

Andrew Le Marne

Howard Guinness Project, 2022-2023

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