AnCon in the flesh: Student Reflections

by EU GradsFund

We are so thankful to God for blessing us with an in-person Annual Conference after 2 years without one. Praise God, we had 520 students attend and multiple who gave their lives to Jesus! Thank you to all those who prayed for us or visited us at Supporters’ Night during this week – we are so grateful for your faithful partnership in the gospel.

Below are some reflections from students who attended AnCon, sharing how they were challenged or encouraged during the week. Please continue partnering with us in prayer – that all the students who came may keep growing in their relationship with Jesus, and their understanding of how this relationship impacts our whole lives.

Lara, 2nd year, Science faculty

My name is Lara, and I’m a second year student in the faculty of science (so this was my first real AnCon!)

I was super challenged by Rowan’s talks, and how we’re to have kingdom focussed love for all people in all circumstances. So we should always be living with that eternal focus for God’s kingdom, and in doing so we show selfless and sacrificial love to the people around us.

For next year’s AnCon, pray that it will be another great time of fellowship where people can get connected with the EU and be continually challenged to grow in their faith.

Eve, 3rd year, Science faculty

AnCon was a truly transformative week for me! Over 5 days spent learning about how Jesus shapes our relationships, I was convicted of how deeply the Father loves us, how our brothers and sisters in Christ are our first family, and how we should view all relationships through a kingdom lens. God worked in my heart, highlighting aspects of my life where I had been living selfishly, and drawing me towards envisioning some sort of ministry to the LRLR in my future. While this revealing of my selfishness has left me conflicted, I am so grateful as it has meant that I have spent the last few days re-evaluating my priorities. It was also so powerful to worship Jesus and grow closer together as a community. There were many times as we all stood singing that I was teary, overwhelmed with love. AnCon has revived my faith and was the wakeup call that I needed to ensure I am bringing glory to God and aiding others in discovering Jesus.

Prayer that we can hold onto the truths that we learnt during AnCon, realign our priorities to glorify God, and remain committed in considering vocational ministry would be greatly appreciated!

Bill, 3rd year, Science faculty

My name is Bill and I’m a third year part of the science faculty. AnCon really stretched my knowledge of who Jesus is and why his death and resurrection truly is the most significant event in history. It was so encouraging to see so many EUers so on fire for spreading the good news of Jesus and AnCon was an invaluably motivating to that end.

Pray that the members of the EU would proclaim Jesus’ name on campus boldly, without shame and with an abounding love. Also pray that I and other students would be praying for less reached and less resourced areas around the world and prayerfully considering going to those places.

Brianna, 2nd year, BizLaw faculty

One of the main things I was encouraged and challenged by was the idea that our gifts are not our own, rather, they are God’s gifts. Thus, we have a responsibility to keep using them to build his kingdom not our own. I was also super encouraged to meet so many passionate, like-minded Christians who I can see applying this principle in their every day life.

Pray for our faculty. It’s shrunk quite a bit so pray that it would see growth both in the depth of our maturity and in the breadth of who we can reach. Pray also that amidst the busyness of Biz/Law life, we would find time to be a solid community for each other and hold onto the truths that we have learnt.

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