AnCon: Immense Impact

by Robert Falls

AnCon 2015 – the Annual Conference of the EU –  has had a very exciting impact on the EU. I have heard many stories of the immense impact AnCon had on individual students. Science student Kristy commented: “AnCon has been the best week of my life, with over six hundred students coming together in praise and to learn more about how an authoritative, righteous and loving God speaks to us. During the week, I started to see how great and important the Word actually is. God speaks and He is not silent. AnCon helped me to understand that the Bible is something I need to take seriously as I never used to before. That was my conviction that I know will change my life.”

AnCon had a significant impact on a faculty level as well. 18 hours of the AnCon week was spent in faculties. In faculty communities, students could worship together, spend time in personal reflection, studied Psalm 119, and ran their own sessions. I work with the science students, and the faculty time had an immense impact in creating genuine and loving community. On top of the relational benefits of faculty time, we put out a specific Bible reading challenge to the Science faculties at the end of the week. Praise God, because 72 science students made a commitment to read the whole New Testament this semester! Already, a group has been created on Facebook for students to read the same passages every day, and to encourage each other to persevere in listening to God daily.

But one REALLY exciting impact was created through emphasis on the gospel needs of the Less Reached and Less Resourced (LRLR). At the end of the Thursday night Bible talk, 212 students committed to prayerfully consider serving the LRLR in Sydney, Australia, or overseas. The prayer of the Graduates Fund is that this AnCon would have a lasting, global impact, as Christian leaders trained in the EU head out to serve the Lord Jesus and the LRLR all around the world. Will you pray with us?

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