AnCon 2014. In God’s kindness a remarkable week.

by Paddy Benn

This year’s Annual Conference topic was ‘The Cross’. For many people, AnCon is a formative opportunity of hearing from the Bible and seeking to work out, within a Christian community, how to respond in obedience and faith.

Over the course of the week, Rowan Kemp gave six talks outlining the key aspects of the Cross, including; what the Cross achieves; it’s benefits; and the rightful praise and thanks that God deserves because of his work through it. The trainee staff (Howies) also taught sections from the book of Hebrews within their faculties, which was a new part of the program for this year. And time was spent looking deeply into how particular issues, such as suffering, can be addressed by the Cross.

This year 25 overseas students and 35-40 non-believers came for the week. We are also aware of 5 people who became Christians at AnCon! For this we are deeply thankful.

A key feature of the week was highlighting the great need for us as Christians, to consider serving in Less Reached and Less Resourced (LRLR) areas. This year we had 13 LRLR workers (missionaries) in residence with us. They came from different mission agencies and from areas such as Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Ireland. These workers spent considerable time with faculties, in the mornings, sharing the vision to reach LRLR areas. They held electives to demonstrate a vision for a particular LRLR area, and they spent many hours speaking one-on-one with students. Also, on Thursday evening, an opportunity was presented for people to commit to prayerfully considering vocational ministry in the next 5 years. 225 people indicated a willingness to do so!

Please continue with us in prayer, thanking God for a remarkable week. Please give thanks for those who became Christians, asking that they persevere in the faith. Please give thanks and pray for those who have identified areas of life to keep growing in; for those who are thinking about how to serve in LRLR areas; and for those who are willing to consider vocational ministry.

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