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Uni may be virtual, but God is working in real ways

2020 is a year that none of us planned for; Sydney University classes have been online since March.

The students and staff team of the Evangelical Union have quickly adapted to innovatively support the students, equipping them with the biblical tools they need for this season.

Restricting our opportunities to online-only has, in fact, focused our gospel creativity! Evangelism, discipleship, prayer, leadership development, teaching & training, and fostering a gospel vision for those less-reached and less-resourced — all have found new creative expressions in an online EU ministry.

In this, the EU’s 90th Year, the EU continues to Proclaim Jesus as Lord in every opportunity.

The impact on each of us

The EU Graduates Fund is built upon a foundation of faith-filled interdependence – a robust partnership between supporters, students and ministry staff to see Jesus’ gospel shared through Sydney University and the world.

However, this current pandemic has impacted us all in this gospel partnership. As an organisation the EU Graduates Fund has been closely monitoring the situation – for households and individuals – and has been praying for you, our supporters, and students through the challenges that you have, no doubt, faced and will face.

As we look back on our history, through every season God has provided what we need to see Jesus’ gospel go out through Sydney University. We continue to look to Him at this time in hopeful expectation that He will provide all we need.


What is the Anchor Program?

The Anchor Program is the EU Graduates Fund people-focused organisational response to COVID-19.

The Anchor Program has been created to help chart a path through the next 12 months to weather this storm together, while being held by our loving God. Our goal is to stay connected in our gospel partnership with you for the long-haul.

The Anchor Program seeks to offer both options and opportunities for supporters at this time. These options are to Tether or Lift their support.


What does it mean to lift or tether?

For some supporters, the events of the last few months and the months ahead will directly impact you, your family and your finances. You are in our team’s prayers and our hearts are with you.
You may be considering, or need to consider in the future, adjusting your giving to the EU Graduates Fund. For you, the Anchor Program offers the option to “Tether” your support.

  • Tethering your support is about staying connected with one-another and the EU ministry over the long-haul, but adjusting the level of your giving down and up over time.
  • Tethering your support enables you to adjust your giving to a generous yet sustainable level. This might look like scaling back for a time to 20% of your current giving level, or maybe $200 for the year.

We support the decisions you are making under God and with your families and know that you don’t make these changes lightly.

Amongst our supporters, you might be in a situation where you have the opportunity to ‘Lift’ your support at this time.
The Anchor Program’s “Lift” option is your opportunity to help bolster the EU Graduates Fund through the myriad of uncertainties of this time and to ensure we can continue to meet our obligations to our ministry and support staff.

  • You may be able to lift your giving by 20% or more, or maybe increase by $50 a month. You can ‘Lift’ your support indefinitely or nominate a time period (such as to March next year).



How do I lift or tether my financial support?

Option 1: Fill out this google form:

Option 2: Copy and Paste this text into an email and send to

Dear Ian,
I would like to take part in the Anchor Program for the EU Graduates Fund.
I would like to ___________ (Lift/Tether) my support.
I would like to ________(increase/decrease) my giving by ____________(e.g. $20)
I would like to give this regular amount__________ (Monthly/Quarterly/Other)
I would like the adjustment to apply for____________ (9 months/ Indefinitely/ Other)
I currently give by ________ (credit card/bank transfer)
Therefore, I give the EU Graduates Fund permission to __________ (increase/decrease) my support based on the information above.
Therefore, I have updated this information via my bank.

Kind regards,

Your Supporter


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