A Small Part of a Great Plan

by Laura Southam

The EU has connected with over 1100 new students this year who have expressed interest in Christian activities on campus. We met some during O-Week in Semester 1, while others were guests from the EU’s Public Meetings, friends invited to Bible studies, students met during walk-up evangelism, and curious investigators who signed up online, all of whom have hoped to connect with someone who can answer some of their questions.

This meant a lot of phone calls. Within the EU, we made sure to diligently follow up all the contacts God has brought to us, regardless the outcome. At times, students have decided that they were no longer interested or have even signed up just for a free sausage sizzle. Yet, even when it seemed like it was not worth persisting, we remembered that God has a plan for each person’s life. In loving these students, we imagined the great things He could do during their time at university.

At the beginning of this year, we met Josh, a first year Commerce student. He indicated some interest in finding out about about bible study groups with the EU on campus. But amidst the busyness and unfamiliarity of starting at uni, he was hesitant to be involved. EU students patiently followed him up, invited him to small groups across the semester, created opportunities to make him feel welcome and encouraged him to come along to AnCon (EU’s Annual Conference).

Now, in Semester 2, Josh has become a core small group member, actively welcoming newcomers into the bible study. He also signed up to take part in the evangelism training course ‘Jesus-Centred Conversations.’ As part of the ‘Is Jesus…?’ Festival, Josh invited five non-Christian friends to a dialogue dinner where they participated in serious conversations about Jesus, and how they could respond to the gospel.

It was a wonderful example of the fruitfulness of meeting Christian friends at university. In Josh’s words, “the real highlight is how you can encourage each other to stand for Jesus.” It was also humbling encouragement to the rest of us, in the EU, to keep trusting in the gracious work of God as he grows his people. Even a simple phone call could play a part in His great plan.

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