A Finishing Howie – A Powerful Gospel

by Sam Robb

I have spent most of my time as a Howie working alongside the Economics and Business Faculty. Economics and business students are great because there is a never-ending stream of strategy, big visions and creativity. These students are taught to work hard to be the best in their careers, to climb cooperate ladders, to sell products, to deliberately map out life plans, to network with everyone and to be excited about finances. I have learnt and seen that the gospel intersects and shapes these things so much, and it also gives purpose to these things as we use them. My role as I met and shared life with these men and women was to ensure they knew this gospel well, and as I read the bible, ran training and had meetings with student after student I got to watch as the God’s gospel transformed them.

I watched as sins ruling power over students was broken and their joy living under the Lordship of Jesus grew. I watched as students during stress and pressures learnt what it is to cling to the hope they have in Christ. I watched as students came to university barely knowing anything about Jesus and finished their second-year teaching people about Jesus. I watched as business students with a never-ending stream of creativity and strategy were shaped by theological depth and as a result thought about how to grow their faculty into one that prayerfully shared the gospel of Jesus with their friends. I watched as students were strengthened by the gospel to pray with faith and make gospel-shaped decisions for their future. I watched as students felt acceptance and assurance in being a child of God and knowing the depth of love God had for them.

I finish these two years confident that there is great reason to ensure we keep on presenting students with God’s word and stirring them up in it because the gospel of Jesus Christ does come in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction.

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