A Farewell to Caroline Andrews

by Sarah Chilton

As 2016 draws to a close we say farewell to Caroline Andrews, affectionately known by the EU as the inimitable ‘Caz’. When joining the staff team in 1999, there were six Senior Staff and three Howies. Over the past 18 years, she has worked with 18 executives, 6 generations of students, and an ever-growing number of Senior Staff and Howies. In addition to this, Caz has served as a University Chaplain where she sought many opportunities to bring the love of Jesus to both staff and students.

Caz has an incredible ability to build relationships. She is fun, warm, loves a laugh, provides pointed insights, and is a safe and listening ear to all who meet with her. She has a depth of insight into God’s word and ability to connect it to the many different lives that she has been a part of over the past 18 years. She so often unknots the seemingly complicated to bring clarity. Many people, particularly women, can testify to Caz’s support in encouraging them to take steps that they may have been too nervous to take. Caz also has a unique ability to train and inspire people in ministry, year in, year out. Who hasn’t been inspired to think more about small groups through Caz’s training? The annual choice of metaphor, from ‘big and bold’ to ‘social and sticky’ always got us talking.

The thing that stands out most about Caz is her belief that the gospel truly is the best news, and it is this that so obviously fuels her passion, perseverance and joy in ministry. She’s demonstrated this most clearly in her life, always able to illustrate the grace of the Gospel from her own authentic experience of life’s ups and downs. It is God to whom we give the most thanks and praise for Caz’s time on campus. We know that the ministry won’t fall apart without Caz; under God, the ministry of His word powers on. That said, there is no denying that she will be extremely missed! We thank God for her zeal to see Jesus proclaimed as Lord at Sydney University and to train generations of students and staff who have flooded out from this place to serve Him.

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