2024 Welcome Message

by EU GradsFund

The quiet before the dawn

At 5:45am I took our dog for an early morning walk. The pre-dawn dark was just lifting. The streets were still quiet. A few birds started their calls. In the short time it took to finish our walk the sun was up, the cars were drowning out the birds, and the day had opened up before us.

That moment of anticipation before the day breaks is where the EU is at the moment. This week 150+ EU student leaders will gather for EU’s two-day ‘Leadership Summit’, to prepare and pray for the year ahead (7-8 Feb). The following week will be the University’s ‘Welcome Week’ (or ‘Orientation Week’ as it used to be known), when thousands of students will flock to the campus (12-16 Feb). As a climax to that week, EU will hold its ‘Launch’ day on Friday 16th February, when new and returning students will gather together on campus for the first time in 2024. The next week the University semester formally begins, with lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratories, and EU’s weekly ministry on campus will get underway.

In preparation for the year of ministry on campus, the EU staff have been hard at work since mid-January, planning and praying together. Teams of EU students leading the Leadership Summit, Welcome Week and Launch ministries have also been diligently getting organized, as have those leading the EU faculty communities and other specialist ministries. Yet, like that moment in the pre-dawn quietness, we know that the work for 2024 is only going to increase from here!

Thank you for partnering with us this year in the exciting ministry of the EU through your prayers and financial generosity. Please pray that our Father would bring much eternal fruit from the start of the year on campus, for his kingdom and glory.

In joyful partnership,

Rowan Kemp

EU Staff Team Leader

CEO, The EU GradsFund

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