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How God Grew My Heart for the LRLR

The LRLR vision aims to grow students’ hearts for churches, people groups and communities who are ‘less reached and less resourced’ with the Bible, the Gospel, and Gospel workers. Below are two students’ reflections on how this vision has impacted and changed them over their time in the EU. Jacob’s Story Going into university, I [...]


Growing Spiritually, In Lockdown and Beyond

From August 2-5th, in the final week of the break, over 500 students participated in AnCon: Refresh – Growing spiritually in lockdown and beyond. The AnCon team faced the task of changing an in-person conference that been planned for many months to an online conference, all in a matter of weeks and amidst Sydney’s intense [...]

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Reflections on Semester 2: Change is in our DNA

‘What is EU ministry supposed to look like?’, ‘What does it mean to be part of the EU?’, ‘How do we know that we’re on the right track?’ These are questions which come to mind as I begin to prepare for Semester 2, readying myself for another round of online learning, Zoom small groups, and [...]

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Cumbo60 Brochure


CUMBO60| Connect with Cumbo60 Connect with the future gospel mission amongst Health students through Cumbo60 and the EU Graduates Fund. ConnectNow to pray and pledge to give.   GiveNow to activate your giving to Cumbo60.     CUMBO60 | Learn More… Christians serving in the Health sector, surrounded by need, know an important truth: that our [...]


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The EU Graduates Fund has always depended entirely on the donations and giving of generous Christian people. God has always provided! We believe that God works in the world as each person plays their part in serving and giving, under the Lord Jesus Christ and we would appreciate your prayer and financial support.


Please pray that God would pour out his Spirit and bless the work on the campus at Sydney University. We desire supporters who can offer the gift of regular spiritual support and partner with us in seeing Jesus proclaimed as Lord on campus and Christians matured to be leaders in God's church.

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