Your God Mission: Thank You!

by EU Graduates Fund

Ross Courtney, the student leader of the EU’s Your God mission team, responds to the prayers and support of the EU Grads Fund community.

Building on the EU’s long history of large campus missions, the first three weeks of semester two saw evangelistic events running each day from 12-2pm as part of the Your God missions being run by AFES groups across  Sydney.

Sydney University campus was covered in chalk, posters, balloons and jazz bands to encourage people to investigate Jesus, and the EU moved beyond the humble sausage sandwich to include soup and nachos at 15 free lunches to raise awareness and start conversations.


Week One invited students into a conversation about ‘Your God’, as the existence of God was discussed and an inter-faith roundtable held that contrasted the claims of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. Week Two explored responses to common objections Christian faith. In a marquee on the Front Lawns, Greg Lee gently and graciously addressed homosexuality. Week Three centred on the resurrection and began with Dr. William Lane Craig speaking to a packed-out Great Hall to answer questions about the evidence for the resurrection. Rory Shiner spoke about the meaning andsignificance of the resurrection.

Over 4,000 people attended events over the three weeks, with 180 new contacts seeking further information. Join us in praising God for bringing people to hear the gospel proclaimed, and pray that we might continue to faithfully engage with those who want to keep talking.

Finally, on behalf of the Your God and the EU, thank you for your partnership with us through your prayers, of which, under God, the success of mission is the fruit.


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