When the World says God Doesn’t Exist: Stories from Christian Vet Students

by Christine West

University is a place of discovery, learning and engaging with ideas, but can be challenging for Christian students when the content of classes seemingly conflicts with their faith. In particular, Veterinary Science students attend classes on evolution, animal rights and euthanasia, and are frequently asking the big questions of life.

Lilly, a 2nd year Vet student has found some aspects of her degree difficult to reconcile with her beliefs. “Studying animal rights during classes is a tension point for me. I struggle to reconcile our call from God to be stewards of creation whilst learning about the intensification of production, or the culling of wildlife to increase the efficiency of food production.”

Christian Vet students have found the assumption within class that “God is not real” to be reasonably challenging. “The general sentiment expressed by lecturers and students is that science has disproved God and has pushed him out of the picture,” shared John, a second year Vet student. “I vividly remember one lecturer stating that when we come to study science, you keep God at the door.”

The EU Graduates Fund aims to provide students with a solid biblical and theological foundation enabling students to integrate their faith with their studies. This is happening through faithful bible teaching in small groups and public meetings, and through one to one pastoral meet ups. Lilly commented that she found “the bible, personal reflection and discussion with others most helpful in dealing with these big issues.”

Rachel, a 4th year Vet student explained how her studies have increased her faith in God. “The more I learn about how intricate and balanced all the systems in the body must be for life to exist, the more my convictions are strengthened that God is real. In my experience, Christianity has stood up to close inspection and interrogation. I’ve come out the other end more sure that God is real!”

Be praying that under God, many students like Lilly, John and Rachel, will be biblically and theologically mature and able to integrate their faith with their studies and later into the workplace.

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