Small Steps Now, Big Leaps Later

by Emily Loa

Loving the less gospel-reached and less gospel-resourced (LRLR) people of Sydney, Australia and the world is a key value woven into every EU ministry. The urgent call of Jesus to make disciples of all nations can sometimes stir a radical thought in student’s minds, “Should I pack up my bags, forget about my university degree and jet off to an LRLR place now?” Truth is, not necessarily. Students in the EU are encouraged to make small decisions during their university years to love the LRLR so that upon graduating, bigger decisions and sacrifices can be made.

Esther is a second-year Secondary Education student, who has grown in her awareness and care of the LRLR during her time in the EU. She reflects on how taking small steps whilst at university, will help her to make bigger steps to sacrificially serve and love the LRLR when she becomes a teacher.

“The EU has given me a healthy framework of living under Jesus’ authority in many areas, particularly, in loving the LRLR people of the world.

I’m trying to love as best I can, the LRLR in the ministries that I’m involved both at university and church. I currently lead an EU small group, and every week we look at a world-map which locates the areas of the world that LRLR missionaries serve in, and we pray for them. I have also tried to implement praying and thinking about the LRLR in my church youth group. As well, I recently participated in a week-long rural school observation visit to get a taste of what working in a non-metropolitan area might be like.

These little decisions to consciously think and pray for the LRLR have led to a growing awareness of the many possibilities and work opportunities in LRLR areas after I finish university. I hope that the constant reminders of the needs of the LRLR, will be the truth in my head, leading to the enlargement of my heart, so that my hands (and feet) will joyfully proclaim the good news of Jesus!”

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