Serving Jesus as we have been served

by Bill Ford

When Sam Chu was 15 years old, he had a nasty collision while playing basketball. He couldn’t remember much about what happened, immediately after his head smashed into the hard concrete. Yet after spending the following five days recovering in Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sam decided that he would become a nurse. While being a nurse was often be messy, thankless, tiring and demanding, he remembered how he was served as a teenager and the impact it made on him. Hehoped that in training to be a nurse, he could serve, care and love for people in their hours of need, just as the nurses brought comfort in the midst of a hard and scary experience.

This year, Sam stepped up to co-lead the new EU nursing faculty. Once again, he recognised how the service of others in the EU, had blessed him as a uni student.

“EU has without doubt, been the biggest influence on my faith thus far,” he said.

He was excited to serve other students and to enfold them into the community of the EU, so that they too, may grow in their faith at university. So far, he and Bethany Cottee have done a wonderful job as they lead the new faculty. By strategically focusing the ministry on the Mallett street campus, the EU nursing faculty has seen a 200% growth in the number of students attend small groups this semester. Praise God!

Having great examples in our life can be truly life changing and motivating for us, like it had been for Sam. It is our prayer that all the nursing students will be changed by fixing their eyes on the example of Jesus. Please pray with Sam and Beth, that all the students would grasp more fully how Jesus had humbly served and cared for them. Pray that they may be filled with joy as they go out and flood our churches and hospitals with love and humble service of others.

(Sam Chu is currently serving as the faculty leader in the EU nursing faculty.)

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