Servant-hearted leadership

by Alison Zancanaro

Part of the purpose of involving and training students in ministry in the EU is to produce future leaders for the church – but not just any type of leaders. We want students to leave their time at uni with hearts of servants, looking for opportunities not just to ‘take leadership’, but to serve the church they’re in and the people in it.

One of the key places this value is grown and expressed is with students serving to make the EU weekly public meetings happen. In a sense, these roles aren’t critical – students do things like providing afternoon tea and ushering people into the lecture theatre. These aren’t necessary components for the word of God to be preached on campus, but they add warmth to the experience for a visitor, and they also cultivate a servant heart in each of the students involved. Let me introduce some to you:

This is Sam and James. They’ve both been serving and leading in the EU for a few years, and today Sam is overseeing all the little tasks that make public meetings happen. Here they’re carrying over some hot cross buns which we gave out to students after the bible talk.


This is Noah. He’s a second year Arts student who’s just started serving at public meetings. He’s standing at the door to the lecture theatre with a big smile, helping new-comers and ‘old-comers’ feel welcomed as they walk in. IMG_2955

This is Jess. She’s studying Science, also in her second year. Each week we get people who attend the public meeting to fill in their name and details on ‘connect cards’ which they hand in at the end. Jess is entering these people into our database so that we can follow up newcomers and know who was there.IMG_2964

It’s wonderful to see so many happy faces, serving each week with joy, out of a great desire to see people hear God’s word and be welcomed into his family at Sydney uni. Let’s pray this attitude stays with Sam, James, Noah, Jess and many more for the rest of their lives!

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