A Significant Sacrifice

by EU GradsFund

An interview with Emily Mann (EU law faculty) and her time at PLUNGE Conference 2016 – a short conference specifically focused on considering what the Bible says about vocational (i.e. full-time) ministry.

What was PLUNGE like?

The weekend was full-on – with talks from Rowan, strands, a 121 with a senior staff worker (I got to spend time with Caz – super helpful), a fireside chat with Graeme and Nicky Chiswell, and spent the rest of the time preparing ourselves for a week of Merroo food in late-July.

Have you been before? Why did you go? 

It was my first time! I decided to go on PLUNGE because while vocational ministry has been on my mind for some time, I thought, if there’s ever a time to seriously consider vocational ministry, it’s when you’re at uni and in the midst of considering what the future might hold.

What was something you were really challenged by at PLUNGE?

I was challenged about my perception of vocational ministry – that it is a really significant sacrifice, it is something that the world will never understand, and it involves a HUGE amount of trust in the Lord as it’s a choice to depend on others to support you. Personally, I was challenged to consider vocational ministry, or at least trying it out, in light of the truths that we actually don’t know when Jesus will come again, and it is urgent that people get the chance to hear about Jesus.

(Emily Mann (pictured left) is currently a 3rd year J.D. student)

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