Paddy Benn


by Paddy Benn

Plunge Conference is a residential weekend program designed for delegates to consider vocational ministry. It is for uni students and recent graduates to spend time with each other and with older and wiser staff, to talk through and pray about considering vocational ministry.

The program enables delegates to:

  • Consider the challenge of vocational ministry from a biblical understanding
  • Be reminded of the global vision of the gospel
  • Hear about the need and opportunities for vocational ministry within LRLR communities in Sydney, Australia and the globe
  • Consider their desire and suitability to be employed as a life-long gospel proclaimer.

Components of the conference program include:

  • Bible talks from Rowan Kemp
  • Streamed elective sessions dependant on your stage of decision-making
  • Personal interview with EU GradsFund staff
  • Personal reflection time
  • Free-time

We are hoping that as a result of the conference delegates will have:

  • Further advanced their thinking about their suitability for vocational ministry
  • Been prayerfully encouraged in their consideration for vocational ministry
  • Have developed a ‘What’s next’ plan for the next 1-2 years
  • Have drafted a medium timeline for pursuing vocational ministry
  • Have diarised two follow-up meetings in the diary with a coach/mentor

Conference Details

Location – Stanwell Tops Conference Centre

Date – Saturday 4th May (9:30am) until Sunday 5th May (2:00pm)


  • Fulltime: $145
  • Part-time: $85 (Saturday only)


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