Celia Toose

PLUNGE CONFERENCE 2018 – Jesus’ Mission: Our Vision

by Celia Toose

How do I fit into Jesus’ mission?  In some ways a simple question but in others generates even more questions. This year at Plunge we will be looking at our place as God’s people in Jesus’ mission.  You will have the time to consider a future of vocational ministry in Sydney, Australia and overseas as Rowan Kemp unpacks a theology of sending in Luke’s gospel and gives us a vision of the heart of God and your place in his work.

There will be electives with each one designed to help you think through being a gospel worker, no matter where you are up to in making these decisions.

Plunge guarantees to give you more clarity on your trajectory for ministry, while also showing the worth of taking this path in life. So bring your questions and gather the information you need to make an informed decision.  Senior staff will be there to help you talk it through.

Plunge is your chance to reflect on where your current situation, the implications of vocational ministry for your life and how to take the next step – with lots of time to think, talk and pray.

When: 9.30am Saturday 28th – 29th April, 2018
Cost: $128 fulltime. $75 Saturday only
(special diets add $20 for full time and $10 for Sat only)
Where: Wesley Vision Valley, Arcadia.

For any further questions, please contact Celia Toose at lrlr.sueu@gmail.com


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