No more boring small groups

by Sarah Chilton

At the EU, we love our small group Bible studies, and the thought of being able to lead them in our churches for years to come. For the EU assistant small group leaders (co-leading a first year group with a Howie), we train them to be innovative in the way they teach the Bible, as part of our vision to send out innovative ministry strategists.

Though we don’t seek to be innovative and creative for creativity’s sake, or to move away from the faithful teaching of the Bible, when you are looking at being a small group leader for potentially the next 50 years then you want to mix things up to help those in the group to continue to engage with God’s word.

Here are some strategies we’ve tried!

1. Get the creative juices flowing… what can you differently with the questions you ask? Role play? Draw? Paint? Songs? Poetry? Creativity is always memorable!

2. Have a week where you share your testimonies. A great way to know those in your group, and how God has worked in your lives.

3. Split the group up for parts of the study or for prayer. Guys, girls, workers, non-workers, pairs or triplets.

4. Have a special guest. Do you have a missionary back in Australia, or someone involved in a local ministry to the community that could visit your group?

5. Convicted by something you read in God’s word? Go out and serve together.

6. Give others opportunities to lead parts of your group time. You never know how encouraging and powerful that experience might be for them.

7. Pray beyond yourselves. God cares deeply for our world so pray for the spread of the gospel in areas that are less reached and less resourced.

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