Welcome to the EU Graduates Fund

You’re at the end of your time at Sydney Uni. Well done! The EU Staff Team is cheering you on!

As you leave the Clocktower and EU, we invite you to join the generations of graduates before you who have fuelled the mission, between EU staff and students, to Proclaim Jesus as Lord at Sydney University – through the EU Graduates’ Fund.

The EU GradsFund is a community of almost 3000 gospel-hearted people, who provide the prayerful and financial foundations of the EU that enables the work of the EU staff team.

You’re invited…

As an EU graduate, we invite you to join the great crowd of supporters, who came before you, and will join with you after to enable the work of the Senior Staff and future gospel mission alongside the EU. You can support the Senior Staff team through supporting them personally or through the General Fund which enables the staff team as a whole long-term. 

How do I get started?

PRAY NOW | Embark as a supporter by praying regularly through our Flood and Facebook updates

GIVE NOW | Start giving a regular amount in support of the EU Staff Team

STEP-UP | Started your graduate position? Step up as a financial giver to the EU Grads Fund.

Finishing Uni in 2023 and keen to invest in the flood of Christian leaders from Sydney University?

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