In times of peace, prepare for war

by EU Graduates Fund

In this prolonged winter season, many have already taken to new home-based hobbies and extra ‘me’ time. It has been so easy to retreat into our bubbles, easier for introverts to enjoy this new inertia of being at home, and easier for all of us to stick to our familiar social circles. Has this enforced introspective way of doing things inadvertently pushed us to forget the large and global nature of our God?

Psalm 2 paints a picture of God’s chosen King as one who will rule over all the nations of the earth. We are continually given assurance throughout the Bible that God is calling the nations, both near and far, to fall at the feet of His son.

The lull in timetabled classes and the general bustle of pre-Covid life presents us all with a golden opportunity to cultivate hearts of awe towards Jesus, hungry to see all nations come to the only Name by which we can be saved.

Some of us may have had plans for serving on conferences and mission trips that were abruptly interrupted by social-distancing and travel bans. However this time of slowness can be the perfect opportunity to slow down and reorientate yourself towards the source of true life. Consider taking up an opportunity to see what God is doing around the world, or to settle into more consistent prayer habits for people and places outside of your circles.

I have been encouraged with the creative ways that students are not letting the circumstances of Covid impede their desire to learn and grow and serve. Despite the physical limitations of lockdown, students have continued to innovatively extend their own horizons, to see how God is working in this time.
Students from the Conservatorium of Music have initiated afternoon Zoom sessions to chat and pray with missionaries in various locations. The Evangelism Team have continued to equip and encourage students in their witness to current contacts in an online format, with a special training event dedicated to hearing from campus workers all around the world – to be encouraged by, and share in, what God is doing on campuses globally.

Please pray that through this winter season, the EU community might be immersed in Scripture, to taste and see the goodness of the Lord Jesus.

Pray that we would hunger for those in less reached and less resourced regions to also know and trust our good King.

Estherina Li


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