Who should apply?


There is a great need at Sydney Uni for more Howies to help further the EU’s ministry and generate a flood of young leaders for God’s global church.

We are looking for men and women who:

  • Will be godly examples to the students
  • Have a solid grasp of the gospel of Christ and an understanding of basic Christian doctrine
  • Have a basic ability to teach and lead others
  • Are able to relate well to students

The Howard Guinness Project might be for you if you are:

  • Intending to enter full-time ministry and would benefit from a two-year apprenticeship before embarking on theological education. The two years provides an ideal context to get a feel for ministry and to help formulate final decisions on particular avenues of service or even suitability for full-time ministry.
  • A new university graduate seeking to continue in ministry you have already been doing as a student in a more intensive way.
  • A graduate from some time ago and are now seeking further ministry experience and training to equip you for long-term unpaid ministry in local churches or other contexts.
  • Testing out whether vocational ministry might be for you in a safe environment with lots of opportunities for ministry



If you want more information or are interested in applying please contact Rowan Kemp (rowan.kemp@gradsfund.org)

or phone 9351 7496