“I look back on my time as a ‘Howie’ as one of the most formative periods of my life. I was given real ministry responsibility that stretched me but gave me opportunities to learn the ropes of pastoral ministry. Coupled with that was a commitment from the senior staff to provide excellent theological and ministry training. I left the EU with a more developed theological framework and approach to ministry than I expected. I’m now involved in full time parish ministry and I look back on my involvement with the Howard Guinness Project as the best ministry training I could have wished for’.
—Steve Gardner, HGP 2005-06, (Assistant Minister, St Matts West Pymble).


“The Howard Guinness Project was a once in a lifetime blessing. I was trusted to teach and train and love the students of the EU, while being taught and trained and loved by the senior staff. I learnt a pattern of ministry that will stay with me. I saw God save people and establish them in Christ. I was grounded biblically, stretched theologically, equipped with practical skills, and driven to trust God more deeply. Throw in a lot of coffee, and you’ve got a not-to-be-missed two years!”
—Murray Smith, HGP 2000-01 (Lecturer at Presbyterian Theological Centre, Sydney).


“Being a Howie was an amazing gift from God. Everyday was a day to talk with people about Jesus, to study the Bible with people, to help answer questions and concerns people had, and to, in God’s kindness, pray with people in important moments. I loved seeing people trust God for the first time, others make hard decisions to please God, and students grow in confidence in understanding and teaching God’s word…Being on campus gave me an even greater passion to help those from outside the English speaking world access the Bible in a language they understand. And so now, our family are the newly arrived students in a foreign country, trying to connect with people and learn their culture and language and be a light for Jesus there”
—Mary, HGP 2006-07, (Overseas missionary and translator, South Asia).


“HGP was an absolutely spectacular experience…The friendships with your fellow Howies are priceless. The training has given my ministry at church an adrenaline shot…You come of it it ready to learn more with a greater love for God and His people. I would do it all over again if they let me.”
—Alan Au, HGP 2011-12 (Moore college student)


“My time as a ‘Howie’ was both stretching and formative. Stretching because I was embedded within a community of students, serving alongside them as a pastor, teacher, and evangelist. It is a challenging responsibility. At the same time it is a formative experience, sharing life together with students, and being mentored by senior staff workers. Under God, it has left me with the relational, pastoral and theological skills for serving Christ’s Church throughout my lifetime
—Matthew Moffitt, HGP 2010-11 (Moore College student)


“I loved my time as a Howie! When I was a student, I grew a lot in my faith through the ministry of the EU, and started to developed a passion for ministry and serving in leadership. It was as a Howie that I was really stretched in this, dealing with lots of new ministry opportunities, and facing the exciting but challenging task of learning to lead and train others in their journey of serving God’s kingdom. I learnt a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses, but even more so about the power of God to graciously bring salvation and transform lives. As I look forward to life-long Christian service, I know that so much of what I learnt through HGP will remain foundational in my thinking and experience.”
—Laura Southam, HGP 2010-11 (Moore College Student)



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