Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the Howard Guinness Project

  • Am I paid?

    All EU Graduates Fund staff are funded by the generous support of graduates and friends of those serving on campus. Individual staff raise financial support from generous family and friends.

    We have found that most HGP staff do not have any difficulty in developing the necessary support. Christians are far more willing to invest in worthwhile gospel work than we imagine and it is always exciting to see how God provides. Raising financial support is a great ministry skill to learn and is invaluable for a wide range of ministry opportunities in the future. You will receive great training and regular support throughout this process.

    Howies are paid a yearly stipend set according to the National Minimum Wage. (approx $30,000 p.a.).

  • I was a student-leader in the EU. Is being a Howie just more of the same things I was doing as a student?

    Being a Howie is quite different to being a student leader in the EU. Your focus shifts to empowering others to do ministry and you are freed up to spend far more hours in ministry service.

  • I wasn’t part of the EU as a student. Is being a Howie for me?

              Absolutely. You do not have to have studied at Sydney Uni or have been part of the EU to be a Howie. In fact, we love the fresh insights and experiences that non-Sydney Uni Howies bring to our team!

  • I don’t think I want to do student ministry long term. Maybe I should do an apprenticeship in a church?

    The HGP program is designed to prepare people for ministry in a wide range of contexts, including church work. Whilst there are some good apprenticeship programs in churches, the nature of student ministry lets apprentices do evangelism, training, pastoral care, strategic thinking and other ministry at an intensity and pace that most church apprenticeships cannot offer.

  • I’m not sure I want to do full-time paid ministry over the long-term.

    That’s fine. Many people become a Howie so that they can think through whether full-time paid ministry is what they want to do. Others do the HGP solely to get better equipped to serve in non-paid roles in church for the rest of their lives. The program is a great way to be equipped to better serve the church in any role.

  • This sounds too challenging. I’m not sure I’m up for it!

    All Howies begin with different levels of experience and confidence. Whilst being a Howie is challenging, our Senior Staff are there to care, support and train you throughout your two years.



If you want more information or are interested in applying please contact Rowan Kemp (

or phone 9351 7496