God’s love displayed to international students

by EU GradsFund

We are all relational beings, we long for connection to be known by our friends, family and accepted within a community. However, for many international students these needs have to be rebuilt when studying here in Sydney. There is unfamiliarity, immersed in a new environment where culture, food and language may be all so different to that back home.

It’s been so encouraging to see euFOCUS continue to be a welcoming and loving community for international students. Unsurprisingly, small interactions become genuine friendships centred on Christ.

Here is Ella’s* story.

Ella had never met a Christian back in her home country. So, when a believer shared their testimony with her over dinner at her accommodation she wanted to find out more. In the first week of semester she came along to Come Home Dinner (‘CHD’), our weekly evangelistic event.

‘As I walked into CHD there was an atmosphere and a vibe. When everyone was standing and singing together, I felt we were all connecting to God. My heart was touched. I met Lily* (local student) sitting on the same table and we are now great friends. She was warm and caring and we bonded instantly. I believe it was God bringing us together.’

Ella continued to meet with Lily and joined a Mandarin discovery Bible study with two students in her heart language.

‘How do I pray? Do I close my eyes? What does God look like? They are really patient with my questions. Everyone helps each other understand the Bible and Jesus better and I have fun with them. One time we read the story about the sinful women kissing Jesus’ feet – when you love Jesus, you show it in action and you give Him everything you have.’

By week 5 Ella had made many friends in euFOCUS, joined a local church and started sharing and inviting her friends to hear about Jesus!

Praise God for the many international students just like Ella that hear and respond in love to the gospel. Please pray for many more students to be disciple-making disciples, proclaiming Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

– Claudia Hung, Howard Guinness Project 2023-2024

*names changed for confidentiality

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