From Campus Ministry to God’s Wider Church… Following ‘Grads’ of the Howard Guinness Project

by EU GradsFund

The vision of the EU Graduates Fund is to flood God’s church with lay and vocation Christian leaders. One way EUGF aims to achieve this vision is through training up ministry workers in the Howard Guinness Project, or ‘Howies’.

We spoke with two former Howies to hear where they’re currently serving God’s church, how the Howard Guinness Project has helped equip them for that ministry, and how they hope to continue in the future for the growth of God’s kingdom.

Seb Lane

How are you currently serving in ministry?
At the beginning of the year, I started a role serving as an assistant minister at Christ Church Gladesville. My responsibilities are in the area of Maturity: strengthening Growth Groups, teaching preparation for the church’s termly series’, and working with the adult, youth and children’s ministries.

When were you a Howie, and what are some of the skills or experiences from the Howard Guinness Project that inform your ministry now?
I was a Howie in 2014 and 2015, serving the ACES faculty. Through the HGP, I really developed the idea of the Bible being central to the way we grow and train. I also was able to experience the value of team-based ministry. In all my ministry roles since, I have pursued opportunities to work in teams alongside other men and women.

As the Director of Maturity at church, I have a particular responsibility to recruit, train, coach, and give feedback to the Maturity leaders at our church. I regularly come back to my experience of training ASGLs [Assistant Small Group Leaders] at Sydney Uni. Through HGP I learnt the value of a ministry of persuasion: on being clear about what your own convictions are, and being able to bring people with you on the vision.

What are you planning to do next, and how can we be praying for you?
I am planning to stay in my role as long as God wants me here! Please pray for me as I look to champion a culture of going deeper into God’s word and deeper in prayer together through our Growth Groups. Please pray for our family (my wife Jess, and our two boys Archie and Jack) as we adjust to doing ministry in a parish context. Give thanks for the opportunity to teach the Bible and have people in our homes and lives more regularly.

Anna Beaver

How are you currently serving in Ministry?
I’m currently serving as a student minister at MBM SouthWest! I help out with running their explore group (for those interested in Christianity), and also meet up with women to hear about their life experience, and how their faith intersects with that. Right now, my main ministry is being a mum! I just had a little baby girl, Claire, and while I look after her, I’m also doing one subject at Bible college, to work towards a Masters of Theological Studies.

When were you a Howie, and what are some of the skills or experiences from the Howard Guinness Project that inform your ministry now?
I was a Howie in 2018-2019, with the ArtsPlus faculty. When I was a Howie I did a lot of thinking about the evangelism course we run for students, and particularly how to share the gospel with people in Gen Z. The practice of having to think clearly about a certain demographic of people, and how the gospel speaks to them explicitly, has helped me in my role now to think about this very different group of people in the southwest of Sydney, and how the gospel speaks to them.

Being a Howie also helped me to realise there are a lot of things you have to do in ministry that you might not necessarily be good at. I got to do things I was excited about and really liked doing, but I also had to do things that were really hard. Many of those things I use everyday in this ministry context, so I’m really glad I was able to develop those skills that came less naturally to me.

What are you planning to do next, and how can we be praying for you?
In the future, my husband James and I are hoping to do some kind of ministry overseas in a Less Reached, Less Resourced space. Please pray that we don’t chicken out from that dream, as there are lots of obstacles in between now and then. Pray that as we navigate having a new family, that we’re faithful to that plan, even though life is changing ahead of us. The EU has encouraged us hugely as we navigate the barriers to mission, with the questions: “why not us?” and “if we can’t do it, then who can?” always at the forefront of our minds!

Compiled by Felicity Kerr

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