Flooding God’s less resourced church

by Penny Slater

The EU Graduates Fund partners with the EU to ensure that, during their time at university, students are grown in their confidence and knowledge of the Bible, trained in a variety of ministry skills and given real opportunities to serve and take responsibility. While being encouraged  to submit every area of their lives to the Lordship of Christ. Each year over 150 EU students graduate from university and head into workplaces. Imagine what difference that many mature Christian leaders can make in our churches and city!

Just one of these students can make a huge difference in a less resourced church. Andrew West is an EU graduate and a previous Howie. He moved to serve at a less resourced church, St John’s Park Anglican, in South West Sydney. Andrew describes his time in the EU as providing him with “opportunities to grow in evangelism, pastoral care, bible teaching and leadership”, which have been of great use in his current church. The EU also “gave [him] an awareness of how richly blessed” he has been and providing opportunities for him to serve in less resourced churches.

EU graduates can also make a difference with their profession and field of study.  At the beginning of this year, an EU graduate moved to Broken Hill, in far Western New South Wales, to live, work and serve in a less resourced area. There are many churches and places, in Australia and around the world, in similar situations. Where “just one EUer could make a huge difference, under God…The teaching and experience that EUers have been exposed to would be such a blessing in a church like [Andrew’s]”. The EU aims to make students aware of the nature and needs of Christian service, so that when they graduate, they will be willing and equipped to serve where there is need.

The EU GradsFund is seeking to flood mature, servant-hearted Christian leaders into God’s global Church, to be ambassadors for Christ in their workplaces, sports clubs and neighbourhoods, for the rest of their lives. So that God’s kingdom might be spread to the ends of the earth, for His glory.

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