Matthew Moffitt

Enriching the Faith of Postgraduates

by Matthew Moffitt

The EU has a long history of ministry among undergraduate students. But there are also thousands of postgraduate students who occupy the campus. Over the past decade the EU has sought to minister the gospel to this segment of the university. You’ll find postgrad students around campus 12 months of the year – which sounds great for ministry opportunities among this community.

But between their own research and teaching, postgraduates can also feel short on time. With this opportunity and constraint, what does ministry among postgrads look like? For the last two years Kate Leslie has served as a student leader in EPS – EU Postgrads and Staff. Kate has just moved to Oxford to continue her education after completing a masters in chemistry at Sydney University. Of her time with EPS, Kate says:

“The EPS community was one of the most beautiful things about my time as a postgrad at USYD. Knowing there were other Christians in what could seem like a very aggressively secular university, and getting to meet with them, study the bible and figure out together how to live a life that reflected Jesus in this unique context was a delight. Being on the postgrad committee and meeting with Matt and Tom (another EPS student leader) was a highlight of every week, and their encouragement, faith, and steadfast friendship has been invaluable in the difficult times and an absolute joy always. I owe a richer faith and relationship with Jesus formed over the last two years to them, and to the EPS community we served.”

The ministry of EPS seeks to reach out, train, and challenge postgraduates students to live, think and labour in a way that is shaped by the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Kate sees that reflected in her own development over the last two years:

“My time in EPS was crucial for realising God cares about my work as much in chemistry as he would if I was full time in ministry. I’m so excited that my job isn’t just running columns and interpreting data for no purpose, but that I’m charged with understanding God’s creation, pursing excellence for His glory, being a light to the world, and enacting the kingdom of God in my small corner of academia!” Let’s pray for postgraduate students who come through Sydney Uni, that their lives and work would be formed more and more by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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