Engaging with Muslims

by Lachlan Miller

One of the EU goals is “to strengthen Christians in their faith”. A way of doing this is by continually engaging with people of different worldviews. This is important because it helps students solidify their understanding of their own faith, while encouraging them to evaluate how to share it. An example of this is when Christians and Muslims engage in dialogue. While the two worldviews use similar concepts (e.g. sin, perfection, righteousness, prophets etc), they give very different definitions. Consequently, students need to be aware of how they communicate.

What is exciting, is that these conversations between Muslims and Christians are not just hypothetical. One way that this has become reality is through joint “Quran and Bible Circle” events. At each meeting, a topic is chosen (e.g. the Scriptures, relationship with the divine, etc.) and the students get to hear from a Christian and Muslim expert. Afterwards, everyone is invited to share a meal together before an extended Q&A session. The night usually continues well past the assigned finishing time, with Christians and Muslims diving into deep discussions on what has been raised. So far, we have held two events, drawing a crowds of around 60 students. From a Christian perspective, we see these meetings as a great opportunity to have the Gospel clearly proclaimed!

When asking EU students about their experiences at these meetings, their answers have all revolved around how Muslims are people who are genuinely seeking God. This in turn creates easy and special opportunities to enter into long conversations about Him. They also found it really exciting to better understand what someone else thinks (i.e. of a different faith), so that one could more clearly communicate their own beliefs.

Please be praying for these students as they continue to engage with Muslims on campus, that they may be strengthened in their own faith. Pray also for many more opportunities to faithfully present the Gospel.

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