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Innovative ideas for sharing the gospel

Thinking innovatively and strategically is often challenging, yet so valuable and important in Christian ministry. Church leaders are always looking for innovative ways to serve the multiplying needs of... more

Flooding the Church

The EU Graduates Fund exists so that it might be a blessing to God’s worldwide Church. It wants to FLOOD the Church with capable Christian leaders, and  one of the key ways that this vision is executed... more

Launching into 2015

At the beginning of each year, the EU holds an event called “Launch”. At one level, Launch 2015 was a day the existing students ran to meet first years and welcome them into the EU community on campus.... more
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Leadership centred on the Word of God

Just two weeks before the semester started this year, the core leaders of the EU gathered at a conference called Leadership Summit where they received training, teaching and prayed for the EU. Among the... more

Planning for 2015

In January, I, the new Howie with Science World, found myself with the faculty leaders of Science World for our planning days away. Each faculty does their planning days differently. Some faculties meet on... more

Very scary phone calls

I approached my mother today with a sigh at the work load that I had. She gave me a sympathetic look, but then said, “I actually have no idea what you do - what is it that you're working on?” Working... more

100 Days of Service

At the end of the year, the students finish exams and look forward to one hundred (100!) days of holidays before the next year’s study begins. For some this means hours of video gaming. For others, this... more
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Our God Saves

“Before I became a Christian, I felt like I was looking at the world through a microscope, but now I see the big picture”. This is how Hilary, a first year, describes her new life since she became... more

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