AnCon23 Supporter’s Night

by EU GradsFund

7:30pm Wednesday 26th of July | Katoomba Christian Convention or Online

Each year at the EU’s Annual Conference, supporters of the EU Graduates Fund and graduates of the EU are invited to join the students and EU staff team for the Wednesday night evening session.

Whether you join us in Katoomba, or from the comfort of your own home, you are warmly invited to join us at AnCon this year!

You can expect many of the usual features of AnCon: bible teaching with depth from EU Staff Team Leader Rowan Kemp about ‘The End’, prayers for the needs of the university and the world, singing, hearing about the ministry on campus, and more.

AnCon Supporters Night
Wednesday 26th of July from 7:30pm
In-person: Katoomba Christian Convention, 119 Cliff Dr, Katoomba

No registration required

We’d love you to join us for this unique EU experience.

AnCon Supporters’ Night Booklet

Graduate Story – Hayley & James: Why we love Supporter’s Night

Matthew Moffit: I recently was able to ask two of my own supporters about their experience of Supporters Night. I first met James and Hayley West on the AnCon team in 2016. Since they graduated, Hayley and James have continued to attend AnCon Supporters Night each year.

Reflecting on your time as students, what role did AnCon play in your life and faith?

Hayley: AnCon was one of the few times in my life that I could effortlessly spend so much time thinking through the big ideas of who God is and what that means for my life. AnCon was more than just a week in a Christian bubble but instead the things that I was taught, the people I was encouraged by and the friends I made shape my everyday life.

James: AnCon was a place I could ask myself seriously how God would be a part of what I do with my life. I would come to know life-long friends asking similar questions, and the joy of serving in the band gave me clarity in my passion for music and what it might look like in the future. That joy I still hunger for and it flows into how I live my life and the choices I make. 

You’ve returned to AnCon for Supporters Night every year since you graduated – why?

Hayley and James: As students, Supporters Night was a highlight of the week. Seeing all the grads and supporters arriving in the back of the auditorium and then joining us as we worshiped God was our favourite! When we finished up at university, we decided that we would go back each year to be the encouragement to the students that the supporters before were to us. It’s also an easy way to be encouraged ourselves by the faithful teaching and community that remains even after we have moved on.

What’s your encouragement for coming to AnCon Supporters Night this year?

Hayley and James: It is such an encouragement for the students to know that whilst they are currently at uni for 4+ years that there are heaps of grads and supporters who are praying for them, that have come before them and once walked the same path they are on. So we encourage you to sacrifice one night out of your week (and maybe be tired for work the next day) knowing that you are encouraging the students (singing with hundreds of people is always fantastic), and finally you will be encouraged yourself as you remember how God has worked and continues to work through the EU.

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