Richard Wong

Taking the Next Steps

by Richard Wong

Many people this year have asked me “How did you decide to become a Howie?”

On one level, it was a decision that was made 6 months before I started my apprenticeship as I began the application process. But the decision was also made 4 years prior in my final year of university as I sat down with an EU senior staffworker to plot out what the next 5 years would look like.

My experience has been that once Christians leave university, decision making becomes more circumstantial and less ministry orientated. Career, family, and money are areas that bear more weight on our decision-making while church, ministry and the less reached can easily become secondary considerations.

During my 4 years in the corporate workplace there were times where my decision to become a Howie took a back seat as I considered my career progression and finances. Many other friends were also considering marriage and kids. Long term ministry and being a Howie became less of a reality the further away I got from graduation.

That’s why I’m beyond thankful for the wisdom of the EU senior staffworker that day when he suggested I find 2 other people who had similar aspirations for a ministry apprenticeship and organise to meet up monthly to pray, share life, and keep long term ministry on the agenda.

We’re good at considering the next steps to take when mapping out a potential career path, or planning a wedding, or furnishing a home. We also need to be prayerful and proactive when taking our next steps in contributing to God’s global mission.

At the EU’s Next Steps conference this year I was reminded that we now bear God’s name and belong in his everlasting kingdom. With this in mind I will be prayerfully considering my next step after I finish up my time as a Howie.

Please pray for Christians to be biblically reflective, prayerful and proactive as they consider their next steps in serving their Lord Jesus.



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