Lachlan Miller

Public Meetings Plus

by Lachlan Miller

One of the EU’s big weekly activities is Public Meetings where anyone on campus can come and hear the Bible taught. This year the EU has also chosen to use Public Meetings as an evangelistic platform by aiming the talks at a non-Christian audience during certain weeks of semester. By doing this the EU hopes to engage the students on campus with the Christian perspective on worldly issues as they hear a talk from one of the EU’s Senior Staff workers. These topics are chosen as catalysts for further conversation, with the hope that as EUers continue to talk with their friends about these issues they will be able to bring Jesus into their daily conversations. It is also hoped that any visitors to Public Meetings will be welcomed into the EU community as Public Meetings end and students are invited to an organised afternoon tea.

So far EUers have been viewing these evangelistic public meetings as a success with Mitchell Geha, a second year Arts student, commented that “It’s been great to see students stepping out of their comfort zone and inviting friends to topical talks that cover various aspects of our identity as God’s people.” And the inviting of friends seems to be going well, with 52 EUers inviting friends during the most recent season of these evangelistic talks. This particular season was on the topic of belonging, which is relevant given how University can easily be a place where students don’t feel like they belong. It is the prayer of the EU that those who visited may walk away understanding that they can find their identity and self-worth in Jesus.

We have just finished our final season of evangelistic Public Meetings for the year so please be partnering with us in prayer as the EU utilises their Public Meetings as a way of sharing the Gospel.

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