Lillian Wright

Leadership and Training for Life

by Lillian Wright

As the end of semester looms, the Evangelical Union begins to look towards how we can help students consider which training opportunities they might take up in the next year to help them serve Jesus for their whole lives. This is one of the most encouraging moments in the year as it has implications not only for the coming year, but for that student’s life and their life in their church for years to come.

Below are a few stories from different students who have been considering how they can serve Jesus and His people for their whole lives, and how they can make the most of the training the Evangelical Union offers now. Our prayer is that hearing from these students would encourage you.

One first year science student has been praying this semester for more opportunities to read the bible with her friends and recently God has answered this prayer through providing a new friend at uni! In considering how to use this time well, she recognised that she needs to grow in her ability to help her friends understand the bible in a way that is both clear and loving. She is planning to sign up for one of the Equip short courses run by Senior Staff called “Lifechanging 121s”. These courses are designed to provide a wide range of training in ministry skills and thinking to equip students to serve each other and their churches, and she is looking forward to undertaking this course to expand her skills of meeting up with both her uni friend and the girls she leads at youth group.

Another science first year student shared that he is interested in growing in his ability to care for and share Jesus with people who are not like him, specifically people from overseas as his church has a large ministry to Chinese communities. He is considering joining the euFOCUS Assistant Small Group Leader’s team to grow in his experience and skills in explaining the bible to those who have English as a second language and are from a different culture.

Three other science students shared that they felt like they have only just begun to understand how to read the bible for all it’s worth. They, along with approximately 70 other second year and third year students will join the Assistant Small Group Leaders Training Program to be trained in pastorally and logistically caring for a group, and in how to pull apart a passage to understand it fully and then teach it to others.

This aspect of life in the EU is a beautiful demonstration of how our Father works in His people to grow them to be more in His image, and to build His church in New South Wales and beyond. Please join us in thanking God for all these students and praying for them as they step forward in trusting their whole lives to Jesus as they serve His people.



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