Ryan Verghese

Innovation in Action

by Ryan Verghese

One of the privileges of partnering with students on campus is seeing their passion for the gospel spill over in creative ways of doing ministry. Students dream up innovative ideas, strategise their execution, and prayerfully try them out. This semester, students in the ACES faculty came up with the idea of giving away free cup noodles for the evangelistic Public Meetings to any Christian and their non-Christian friend they brought along.

One of the student organisers, Jono said, “I was thinking that a noodle event like the one we held as a faculty would appeal to non-Christian Asians to ask about what Public Meetings are and also for them to be interested in why ACES would provide food they would like!”. This was received well by people within the faculty, and students from other faculties too, with the organisers hoping to do it again!

Students in the Science World faculty held a “toastie for a question” initiative. The event was targeted to the wider campus to be able to speak to them on their own terms in their own space about something that they had questions about. It was not as successful as was initially hoped, but the EU continues to be a space where innovative ideas are pursued faithfully, trusting that God will use our ideas for His glory.

Howies keep innovation in the DNA of our ministry by encouraging our student assistant small group leaders to take risks and teach creative Bible studies. Howies have taught them through our training program to do things that appeal to different people, while being faithful to the text of the Bible. Students have led their groups to rap battle (to teach about the hidden meaning of parables); presented an “SBS Galilee” news program (where group members represented characters and articulated their feelings in the passage); used post-it notes, masking tape, and coloured pens (to annotate passages and spend time reflecting on personal prayer and application): and many more! Our hope is that innovation and creativity will mark their ministries, not just for their time at university, but for a lifetime of following Jesus.

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