Postgraduate & academic worker



In its 85 year history, the EU has predominately focused on ministry to undergraduate students, but has always sought to reach further into all sectors and communities at Sydney University for the Lord Jesus.

In 2015, the EU Graduates Fund is seeking to forge new pathways into the academic community by employing a theologically trained person to work with the postgraduate community and academic staff.

There are 4500 research postgraduates, plus academic staff, currently at the University of Sydney. This worker, in partnership with the EU, would be released to reach out, train and challenge postgraduates students to live, think and labour in a way that is shaped by the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

It is our prayer that through this 85th Anniversary project we might see a vibrant postgraduate community on campus who are integrating their faith with their studies, and that this community would have a strategic impact beyond the walls of the University for decades to come.

IMG_4224“The cause of the gospel can be greatly advanced by influencing the intellectual life of our culture and society. Postgraduates and academics have unique opportunities to do this hard but vital work”.

- Dr Caitlin Munday

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