Female international-student worker


One in five students on campus are international students. Many have never read a Bible, or have heard good news of Jesus Christ. There are so many opportunities on campus amongst the 12,000 international students which we are presently unable to meet.

Staff & Students in Partnership in reaching International StudentsTo release these gospel opportunities, the EU Graduates Fund in partnership with the EU desires to employ a theologically trained woman to work amongst international students at Sydney University. The 85th Anniversary project will help fund this ministry worker for four years.

This International-Student worker would partner with local students to equip them to bring the gospel across cultures, seeking to reach many international students with the good news of Jesus. They would also work to grow, teach and train international students so that they may be mature and servant-hearted Christians who return home or to other parts of the world following their studies to lead others.
This is a wonderful opportunity to grow and send, mature and trained Christian people to every tribe, nation and tongue across God’s world from our doorstep at Sydney University.


“3600 of the 5800 Chinese international students are women (62%). A godly and gifted woman with theological training, cross-cultural experience and a passion to see students from the nations love and serve Jesus would help us make the most of this God-given opportunity.


- Ben Lim, Senior Staffworker partnering with the EU in ministry to international students.



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