85th Anniversary Projects

Praise God! We have already raised $147,000 to go towards our 85th Anniversary Projects!

Since 1930, the Sydney University Evangelical Union has, under God, been faithfully proclaiming the gospel on the campus of Sydney University, the lost have been won for Christ, and students have been sent out equipped for a lifetime of serving Jesus as Lord in Sydney, Australia and beyond.

In this time God has grown hundreds of students through the EU and He has raised up a committed staff team, through the EU Graduates Fund, to partner with the students to serve, equip and train them to be sent out as servant-hearted Christian leaders into our local Churches and to the edges of our world for the coming decades.

As we look around today we see a campus which is changing in both demography and numbers. As such, we want to celebrate the past 85 years by investing in the next 85 years through two 85th Anniversary Projects.

These projects are focused on the ever-growing international student community and amongst the postgraduate students and academics of the university. We believe investing in these areas will help the EU continue to flood God’s church with lay and vocational leaders for many years to come.

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