Our Finances

Latest update: May 2017

GradsFund staff are funded by both ‘General’ and ‘Personal’ donations. ‘Personal’ donations are in support of particular staff members. ‘General’ donations subsidise Senior Staff and the ministry as a whole.

Received so far

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 2015 — Praise God – A 0.1% Surplus!

I thank our Father for all of you who supported the EU GradsFund ministry at Sydney Uni in 2015. Without your prayers and financial generosity, the ministry of the EU GradsFund would not be possible or fruitful. I am pleased to report that although we didn’t reach our budgeted surplus, we did cover all our costs. We made a small surplus of just under $2,000 (0.1% of our budgeted expenses). For every year that our expenses are covered, I give thanks to God for the way He sustains the EU GradsFund ministry financially, through your partnership and generosity.

2016 Budget

A significant increase in the size of the EU staff team has meant a sizeable step-up in the EU GradsFund budget for 2016. The number of ministry trainees in our Howard Guinness Project (known as ‘Howies’) has increased from 15 to 20; we have also taken on three new Senior Staff. Our total budget for 2016 is $1,736,000, which includes a 5% surplus of $82,000. If you are able to reconsider your giving to the ministry, you can do it through the EU GradsFund website or by contacting our administrator (administrator@gradsfund.org; 02 9351 7496).