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AnCon 2017

Last week, over 650 students and staff gathered at Merroo for the EU's Annual Conference. What an encouraging week it was, dwelling on the truth of Jesus' resurrection and its far reaching implications! We... more
Public Meetings

The blessing of biblical theology in public

One opportunity offered by the EU for growth in biblical and theological maturity are weekly public meetings. In my time as a student and now as a Howie, these meetings have deeply shaped my understanding... more

Position Vacant – Administration Manager

Position Vacant   Administration Manager   4 or 5 days / week (negotiable) Passion for developing tomorrow’s Christian leaders Key position on growing and dynamic team More than just... more

Semester One Reflections

As Semester 1 draws to a close, there is much to reflect on after the intensity of a very full three months at uni. Amidst the pressures of being a full-time student, many with part time jobs, and the load... more

Four Changes in Four Years

It’s a surreal experience coming back as a Howie to the Sydney University campus after 4 years away. I’ve observed some subtle changes to the university landscape that have prompted me to ask some... more
170607 Small Group

Innovation in Action

One of the privileges of partnering with students on campus is seeing their passion for the gospel spill over in creative ways of doing ministry. Students dream up innovative ideas, strategise their... more

Training Student Leaders

The week in student training in which I stress the importance of making and keeping tight rolls initially felt very uncomfortable for me. In the past, I have thought there is a disconnect between ticking... more

When the World says God Doesn’t Exist: Stories from Christian Vet Students

University is a place of discovery, learning and engaging with ideas, but can be challenging for Christian students when the content of classes seemingly conflicts with their faith. In particular,... more

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