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Preparing for the Flood

It is with great joy that another year of EU ministry begins, and with it comes excitement and anticipation for what God might do on campus this year. The students and staff together have been preparing... more
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Serving Jesus 52 Weeks a Year

Pens have been put down, and exams are being marked. So what exactly does the EU over the summer break? If you have ever found yourself asking that question, the answer is that quite a lot happens.... more

Students (still) proclaiming Jesus as Lord

“For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord.” - 2 Corinthians 4:5 The first object of the Sydney University Evangelical Union is “to present students with the Christian Gospel... more

Leadership and Training for Life

As the end of semester looms, the Evangelical Union begins to look towards how we can help students consider which training opportunities they might take up in the next year to help them serve Jesus for... more

Taking the Next Steps

Many people this year have asked me “How did you decide to become a Howie?” On one level, it was a decision that was made 6 months before I started my apprenticeship as I began the application... more

The Final Countdown for Finishing Howies

“I could never be a Howie…” were the words I spoke a few years ago. And now, what is left of my 2 year ministry apprenticeship is only but 2 months – the final countdown has truly begun. At this... more

Public Meetings Plus

One of the EU’s big weekly activities is Public Meetings where anyone on campus can come and hear the Bible taught. This year the EU has also chosen to use Public Meetings as an evangelistic platform by... more

Welcoming and gathering in semester 2

Each year, the university puts on a one-day orientation day called Re-O day in Semester 2 to cater for the mid-year student intakes. The majority of these seem to be International students, as this lines... more

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