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Servant-hearted leaders

The EU has a multitude of ways in which to serve! There are areas that many people hear about – Assistant Small Group Leading, Faculty Leading, Specialist Team Leading, Executive... but there are many,... more

The ripe harvest

There are 3,004,832,000 unreached people in the world. Take a moment to visualise three billion people who may have never heard of the name Jesus, and even if some did, they would have no community of... more

Trainer and trainee

As someone undertaking the Howard Guinness Project, I’m in a wonderful position of training students while also being trained and supported myself. As a trainee, for two hours every Monday morning I sit... more

The legacy of Christian community

It is mid morning on a lazy autumn Sunday when we meet outside a cozy corner cafe. Of the six, someone is always, inevitably late. As we sit down to brunch, conversation is easy and eager, unfettered by... more

Are you a global Christian?

Jesus came and said to them, “Go therefore and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19) Would you call yourself a global Christian? Am I global Christian? What does a global Christian look like? And are... more

Taking faith home

Each year 10 to 30 out of 6000 Chinese students in Sydney University claim that they have become Christians. But what happens to them after they go back home? This is the story of a returning student whom... more

Servants and Superstars

Who would you classify as a successful Christian leader? As we send out leaders from the EU, should we hope that they become mega church pastors? CEOs of major companies? Gain prominence and prestige as... more
Primary Ed Leaders

Enabling students to become spiritual leaders

I am enjoying meeting with the second year students who are doing Assistant Small Group Leader (ASGL) Training this year. One of these students is Sunny. She has never lead a Bible study group before. She... more

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