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AnCon: Immense Impact

AnCon 2015 - the Annual Conference of the EU -  has had a very exciting impact on the EU. I have heard many stories of the immense impact AnCon had on individual students. Science student Kristy... more

Finding connections

Have you ever walked into a church and felt completely alone, as though the entire building were staring down at you, as you fumbled awkwardly with your prayer bulletin to find a seat at the back? In an... more

A beginner’s conversation

I arrived on campus keen to get to know some Muslim students and talk about our faiths. None of my friends at school or university were Muslims. There weren’t any Muslims living in the rural towns I... more

The importance of feeling inadequate

This semester I’ve found myself speaking with students and Howies who are sincere and earnest in their desire to love, serve and share Jesus with people at uni. Too often though doubts and concerns arise... more

It’s the same old news…

"But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop." (Luke 8:15) While reflecting on this passage at the beginning of... more

Working hard at God’s grace

One thing that Sydney Uni students know a lot about is that you work hard to get ahead.  They are used to being the best and the brightest and they are used to impressing others - their friends, parents... more

No more boring small groups

At the EU, we love our small group Bible studies, and the thought of being able to lead them in our churches for years to come. For the EU assistant small group leaders (co-leading a first year group with... more

The gospel isn’t just for undergrads

Hidden amongst the 45,000 coursework students at Sydney University is another group that the EU has been ministering to for over a decade now. They number 12,000, and you’ll find them in libraries and... more

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