Alison Zancanaro

AnCon 2017

by Alison Zancanaro

Last week, over 650 students and staff gathered at Merroo for the EU’s Annual Conference. What an encouraging week it was, dwelling on the truth of Jesus’ resurrection and its far reaching implications! We learnt about Jesus, raised from the dead and crowned Messiah, Lord and God, and reflected on our own lives, as we enjoy being new creations in Christ even now, and wait for the day when we are transformed and welcomed as citizens into the new creation.
These are life-changing truths, and that was felt for none moreso than the three students who committed their lives to Christ during the week. James, a student in the ACES faculty, said “I was able to see that really I had only two decisions, despite doubts, and that was to either choose to follow this Jesus dude who has done awesome stuff, or knowing everything he’s done, ignore him, and indulge wholeheartedly into the world. The topic of resurrection at AnCon really brushed away the critical doubts that ultimately stopped me from seeing the big choice to make.”
While three students were welcomed into God’s kingdom, 650 others spent the week urging and reminding each other to look to the future and let it transform the way they live.
On Thursday, Rowan challenged us from 1 Peter to live as God’s “eschatological outpost”, pointing to the new creation while we live on this earth. Many students were convicted of the need to spend their lives declaring God’s praises in less reached communities. This was a very real challenge, as students heard all week from “LRLR workers”, missionaries-in-residence at the conference.
Eloise, an architecture student challenged by this, said “The humble witness and scripture-drenched words of LRLR workers convicted me to align my plans now and in the future with God’s will to see the less reached and less resourced saved and matured. Not because of some great skill or ability I have, but because our God shows his power in our weakness and through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, has granted us a living and glorious hope which he desires for all people to share in.”
And so 650 students left AnCon – changed, and eager to proclaim the risen Lord until he comes!

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