ACES 21 Projects

This reunion and celebration of 21 years of the EU ACES community is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the ACES ministry by helping lay a foundation for future ministry amongst EU ACES students and continuing, in the ACES tradition, to blaze new gospel trails so all people might know Jesus as Lord.

As we look to the future, the EU and EU Grads Fund are committed to enabling two ACES21 gospel projects in Asian-Australian ministry. 

ACES Web Titles Project ACESWe want to raise $88,000 to finance the deployment of an EU Senior Staffworker, Brian Leung, into the ACES faculty for the next three years.

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For the first 10 years of its life ACES had a senior EU staffworker, Michael Kwan, working alongside the students. His work, under God and alongside ACES left an indelible mark on this ministry.

Over the last four years, ACES has grown significantly, sometimes with more than 100 students involved at the one time. That sort of growth and size is a challenge to lead and serve. With the significant growth that ACES has seen over the last four years we think it is time to put a senior staffworker back into the ACES faculty to help ACES grow into the next phase.

With Brian’s experience, training and passion for the Lord Jesus, we are confident that the Lord will use Brian to grow the next generation of ACES students in their love and commitment to the Lord Jesus and send them out to serve him across the world.

The $88,000 we are seeking to raise together will lay a foundation for Brian’s financial support, keeping him on the campus serving the ACES community for the next 3 years.

Our prayer is that our partnership together might seethe EU ACES ministry continue to grow and flourish for the next generation, to the glory of the Lord Jesus.

ACES Web Titles Project ASIAThe EU and EU Grads Fund also want to stride into the future looking at new avenues to flood God’s church with Christian leaders.

From its earliest days, the EU ACES ministry has never been just about Asian-Australian Christians or even just about Sydney Uni. ACES has always been about seeing the whole world won for Jesus, because he is Lord of all.

In later years a consistent emphasis in the EU ministry on campus has been using our riches and abundance of gospel resources to serve those less-reached and less-resourced with the gospel.

So our second project is a way we, as a community of ACES graduates, can make a difference for the gospel across Asia.

The EU staff team has had Howies, ministry trainees in the Howard Guinness Project, for 20 years. But in an exciting development a growing number of Christians from across Asia are wanting to come and be trained as Howies here with the EU in order to be better equipped as a Christian leader in their home country.

This year we have three ‘International Howies’: Yuya from Japan, Jessica from Taiwan and Phoebe from the Philippines.

2018-02-05 11.46.01-2By training and investing in these three, and sending them out as gospel-trained workers, our hope and prayer is that we might see God’s people across Asia better reached and better resourced with the gospel of the Lord Jesus.

The EU ACES ministry has never been just about ACES – because the gospel of the Lord Jesus has always been about the whole world. By getting behind these three International Howies and raising this $100,000 we hope, as a community of globally-minded EU ACES graduates, to make a difference across Asia.

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