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Welcoming the Flood

The end of February and the first days of March marked the extravagant, overwhelming fiesta that is Sydney University’s Orientation Week. For three days, students flooded onto the campus to be greeted by hundreds of stalls offering lollies and pens and noodles and snow-cones and t-shirts, eager to sign students up to the many clubs [...]


Preparing for the Flood

It is with great joy that another year of EU ministry begins, and with it comes excitement and anticipation for what God might do on campus this year. The students and staff together have been preparing for the year ahead: setting goals, making plans, but most importantly praying for all students as they begin the [...]

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Serving Jesus 52 Weeks a Year

Pens have been put down, and exams are being marked. So what exactly does the EU over the summer break? If you have ever found yourself asking that question, the answer is that quite a lot happens. There are faculty based days away and summer missions to go on. There are resources to produce for [...]

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PLUNGE CONFERENCE 2018 – Jesus’ Mission: Our Vision

How do I fit into Jesus’ mission?  In some ways a simple question but in others generates even more questions. This year at Plunge we will be looking at our place as God’s people in Jesus’ mission.  You will have the time to consider a future of vocational ministry in Sydney, Australia and overseas as [...]


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The EU Graduates Fund has always depended entirely on the donations and giving of generous Christian people. God has always provided! We believe that God works in the world as each person plays their part in serving and giving, under the Lord Jesus Christ and we would appreciate your prayer and financial support.


Please pray that God would pour out his Spirit and bless the work on the campus at Sydney University. We desire supporters who can offer the gift of regular spiritual support and partner with us in seeing Jesus proclaimed as Lord on campus and Christians matured to be leaders in God's church.

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